Corporate team building, Irreplaceable Client entertaining Cookery Events are the new buzz in the town

Hey! Are you on the hunt to find something out of the box to bond your team or simply entertain your clientele? Are you looking forward to run your own engaging Corporate team building event? Or taking time out as a group to just catch up with one another?

Then, why not plan a fun cookery event for your friends, colleagues and other near and dear ones?

An entertaining, competitive cookery challenge, can be one of the best options, as cooking and eating together is one of the fantastic way to bring people closer. Are your team up to it? If yes, then:

All you need to do is just contact us, we can separate your group into teams to cook the different parts of the meal, to promote inter-departmental/Organizational communication and relationships. Our events are known to enhance commitment within individuals and cement relationships whether within teams or with clients. Each event is tailored per your requirement and can be as informal or as competitive as you would like it to be. We run all our corporate cookery events with the right level of competition to suit your requirement. I can assure you that there is nothing uptight or formal about cooking with us.”

~ Says Mr. Hari K of Cyber City Conventions, conducted a similar event for a giant recently.

In fact, if you prefer them to cook for you, along the competition then such an arrangement is also possible:

From the instant you step into our door and don an apron to when you leave after a delicious meal, we provide seamless deal. Our kitchen with its exclusive tableware provides a classy, modern day private dining environment – with the food to match! Our catering team is one of the best in the city.” Says Mr. Hari K

Corporate team building

I would recommend some rapid fire rounds like ‘Ready Steady Cook’ or ‘Blind Taste Test challenge’. As things get livelier in this ultra-active session you see. And then the winning team can be announced at dinner/lunch with prizes for the champions” says Ms. Ruchika, a celebrity chef, known for hosting such events.

Frankly the group is pushed outside their comfort zones and to deliver their menu in the time, they have to pull together. This allows great opportunities for improving communication and learning to work as a team under pressure. All in all a stimulating, satisfying event.” says Mr. Ashwin

Corporate team building

The range of your corporate team building event can be from informal sessions; to develop and enhance corporate team working skills, to more complex events where specific work issues are analyzed and worked upon. Because such team building exercises are a great learning experience, huge fun and offer a real sense of shared achievement.

For any advice or a tête-à-tête on a fun filled cookery event or any such corporate team building or other specific exercise you can reach out to a Corporate Team expert from Cyber City Conventions at madhusudhan.r@cybercityconventions.com.

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