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Be it you’re wedding, your bestie’s marriage or a wedding in the family, you simply need everything to be great. Right from food to designs, you just need everything to be ‘the best’.

While you are occupied with making arrangements for things like closet, footwear, gems, visitor list, venue, and so may overlook one noteworthy thing – the right wedding flower

We at Cybercity Conventions not just introduce you to our best vendors but also handhold them to get simply the best decor for you. You can connect us to your sources if you’ve any and we are certain that we can gel with them and help implement the decor of dreams to the T, for a good decor you need a great venue, and cybercity conventions is a dream destination, have a look at few floral decors at Cybercity Conventions and understand how we work:

Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions

Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions

Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions

Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions  Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions Cybercity Conventions

Hope you liked the glimpses of the wedding decors at Cybercity Conventions, now if you’d like your wedding decor to be of your taste, then connect with our Event Managers at +91 88850632/54/55/56/57.

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Pink and Orange Wedding Theme is In

Pink and orange = female and fun! These two splendid and lively hues make for a challenging twosome that is ultra-coy and eccentric. The shades that you pick will change your look altogether. Consider gentler tints in this palette for a fall or winter wedding, and maybe brighter hues for spring or summer. In the event that you like this shading topic you will certainly like wedding décor from some of the events organised in Cybercity Conventions. So, here are some pink and orange wedding thoughts:

Cybercity ConventionsCybercity Conventions0N6A2132Cybercity Conventions

Not just these, there are many other beautiful combinations like purple and white or cream and red that’s touching our hearts, and well sure’ll show you the glimpses of those in our next posts. However, if you’d like to know more about the latest wedding trends then do call our experts at +91 88850632/54/55/56/57.


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Floral Wedding Decor Ideas

A standout amongst the most notable parts of any Indian wedding is the stage. This region gets greatest consideration as the lady of the hour and the husband to be are kept to this space for more often than not.


Hence, the middle stage is seen in a large portion of the photos of any wedding collection. Thus, to make an enduring impression about your wedding to your visitors, you should give careful consideration to this territory.


Here is the most recent stage background décor from one of the wedding occasions at Cybercity Convention, which you can consider for your wedding to make your photographs emerge from the rest.


No wedding stylistic layout feels complete without crisp blossoms. The collaboration that accompanies the mix of delightful flowers makes an impeccable foundation for the middle stage. Add strings of excellent blooms to give a stunning happy look your stage.


Flower curtains are an unquestionable requirement at weddings. On the off chance that you cherish a mix of white and red, this helical stylistic theme is the ideal thing for you!


Wooden screens can be lit with diyas and adorned with blossom laurels for a staggering passage. Diverse hangings and groups can be made to give the whole venue an alternate look all together.

Our in-house Event Planners are masters in setting up beautiful grand floral stages, and we love sharing our experience, so if you need any inputs, feel free to call us at +91 88850632/54/55/56/57.

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Annual day celebration - cybercity convention

Celebrities at Annual Celebration

Since its initiation in 2009, Kalamandir Foundation has attempted to bolster the underprivileged in the public arena and enhance their lives.

Annual day celebration - cybercity convention

Advanced by Sai Silks (Kalamandir) Limited, the Foundation started its work in Andhra Pradesh, India step by step extending its exercises to Karnataka as well.

It has effectively actualized ventures in three key centre ranges:

  • Healthcare
  • Social Rehabilitation
  • Art and Culture

Through making open doors and working towards a more even-handed society, Kalamandir Foundation has made successful steps in the public arena. The Foundation offers the guarantee of a superior tomorrow, through its undertakings and Cybercity Convention was honored to host their 6th Anniversary Celebration.

Annual day celebration - cybercity convention

Tollywood made it’s presence felt, with good amount of actor and actresses participated in the event wholeheartedly. It was themed as “Green Hyderabad”.

Annual day celebration - cybercity convention

The guest were not just happy with the crowd and celebrity management, but also appreciated the small nitty-gritty of the event like smooth parking, friendliness of our staff, and of course the expertise of our chefs.

Annual day celebration - cybercity convention

If you’re running an NGO, or are an HR and next time you are looking for anniversary celebrations, you know who to contact!! Our team of experts will not just help you with the venue but also be glad to share their expert knowledge with you and your team, you can reach us at +91 88850632/54/55/56/57.

Annual day celebration - cybercity convention

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cybercity conventions - music concert

Concerts, Music Nights and More…

With the climate implying at monsoon soon, hot Hyderabad was yearning for another life. We here at Cybercity Conventions were eager to bring a lively, new period of musical spectacle, Monsoon Nirvana to shower the freshness of music and euphoria, and what a brilliant show it was, absolutely breath taking!cybercity conventions - music concert


A night set up to bring capable, youthful artists to Hyderabad and this has been our consistent attempt to help organizers get the best facilities for the best talent. We take pride in being one of the best venues in line with our city of tehzeeb and culture.


We were glad that so many hyderabadi’s joined us and become a part of our music festival. Monsoon Nirvana is an inspired evening where a motley crew of musicians, artistes, music aficionados and entertainment make magic come alive on stage, and we gave them the most serine environment possible.


If you are planning for any concerts and not sure where to start from just reach out to our event planners at +91 88850 63255. You can also contact us for Live Performances, DJ Nights, and any cultural events, and our team of experts will not just guide you with the venue, but also help you connect with the right vendors and put everything place to make it a smooth cake walk.


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We have a space for all Big or Small

TiE Hyderabad Leadership series on ‪#‎NoDreamIsTooBig‬ by Ms. Padmaja Reddy, Founder and MD of Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd at Cybercity Convention, was an eye opening session for budding entrepreneurs.


Simple white and pink decor was as absolute match to the mood, and gave an elegant look to the entire set up. It was professional yet homely, modern yet contemporary.



If you want such professional events to be conducted with personal touch, then we are the best bet for it, you can reach us at +91 88850 63255.


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International Yoga Day Celebrations at Cybercity Convention

International YogaDay celebrated in the lush green garden of Cybercity Convention with Sri Bandaru Dattatreya – Hon’ble Minister of Labour and Employment, Ms. Ruchika Sharma – Founder, Being Women, Ms. Yogini Nisha Pushpavanam – Global Yoga and Fitness Expert


It was a knowledgeable, happy and health event, filled with lot of positive energy. The event took place at three areas of the convention, the main hall, the lobby and the garden, based on the client requirement, our venue managers not just set up the location, instead they also take care of the smooth transition from one location to the other, based on the event flow.


Whether it’s an early morning yoga session or a late night corporate meet, we are well equipped with the latest technology to manage your events and conference, with a dedicated team to serve you 24*7.


So, what are you waiting for just call us at +91 88850 63255 to get all the details you need for your next event.


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In swag Sangeet Function Entertainment Tips

Sangeet function is the most energizing occasion since it is as excessive an undertaking as the wedding itself. A considerable measure goes into making it totally extraordinary! Presently, while a few visitors effectively take interest in the party, some incline toward being observers. Thus it gets to be imperative that you keep them included, as well as entertained.

  1. Karaoke

On the off chance that they can sing in the restroom, they can sing in front of an audience for a crowd of people! Get everybody to take advantage of the chance to feel like a big name. The timid relatives can be requested that sing as reinforcement vocals or chorale, and contribute in keeping the insanity remainder at an untouched high! On the off chance that you pine for intuitiveness between your visitors and you, Karaoke is the most ideal approach to break the ice. You should simply, go get a Karaoke framework and have a grapple to have the whole occasion. There is no better stimulation that the visitors doing it without anyone else’s help!

  1. Honors Night at the Sangeet Function

Face it, individuals! We have all grown up watching Filmfare honor evenings, Oscars and Grammys! Orchestrate a few trophies and choose some inconceivably fun classes. Don’t simply give away the honor… rather, choose a couple individuals in every classification to construct tension in the matter of who really is going to win it!

  1. Dance-breaker Game

This one’s a genuine icebreaker. The reason for this amusement is to get individuals from both the sides to kick off, have a great time and split far from all the ponderousness! Everything you need is a cluster of blue and pink inflatables. Make little chits with names of the kid’s relatives and put one chit each in the blue inflatables. Do likewise for the young lady’s family with the pink inflatables. The MC gets out one individual from the kid’s side to select a pink inflatable, burst it and read out the name on the chit. Furthermore, now these two need to shake a leg with each other. The diversion proceeds with either side selecting inflatables and breaking into a dance with their recently discovered family!

Sangeet Function Ideas

Sangeet Function Ideas

  1. Flash Mobs

This one needs a ton of arranging, however it’s absolutely in and a super hit idea. It likewise breaks the hindrance of age and moving abilities, permitting everybody to be incorporated into this triage of fun!

  1. Sufi Night

Go Sufi on your sangeet with Arabian stylistic theme, sheeshas and by contracting a live artist. You can even have an entire Arabian Night topic to compliment your Sufi night. Indeed, even an entertaining sufi show with fun lines will do. On the off chance that you have the moolah then nothing is superior to the Manganiyars who do some society music as well.

  1. Tanoura Dancers

Ever been to a Desert Safari and seen the astonishing Tanoura artists with lit up skirts who appear as though they are live turning tops lit up in knobs? Tanoura artists are fantastic performers and not at all like different artists who may not be proper before family, Tanoura artists are family affirmed!

  1. Seeti Maaro

Put shrieks on the table and have the visitors cheer for every sides exhibitions with their seetis. Get charming shaded ones each for the young men and young ladies side.

  1. Graffiti Wall

Super simple to sort out. Simply get a vast canvas and stack some representation pens and sparkle in front, let your visitors let loose dressing this divider up. A cool tip may be to utilize shine oblivious markers so that your gathering get a more hip bounce club feel


  1. Dandiya Raas and Garba

On the off chance that you are a Gujju or regardless of the possibility that you aren’t-an aggregate customary dandiya night is a heavenly thought. Visitors get included, it’s high on vitality in addition to it’s entertaining. The ideal mix of an exciting sangeet occasion!

  1. Dubsmash Face-Offs

You’ll require super certain individuals from both the sides to force this off. Get individuals from every side to showcase the same Dubs. The gathering of people chooses the champs.

These are some of the ideas that you can use for a super successful Sangeet Function. For more tailore made tips you can contact the Event Mangers at CyberCity Convetions!

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Food Trucks, Food Truck, Cybercity Convention

Food Trucks at Your Mehendi? Here are eleven wonderful ones!

Who doesn’t love a food truck? Particularly once it’s that late afternoon at the marriage and everyone’s craving for some delicious fare and a few friendly teasing at the side of the food trucks at your mehendi.

And oh, let’s not forget that music and dance performances that will extremely tire all, therefore everybody simply falls on the food for the respite, that’s so Indian, so delicious, and so yummy!!

Therefore we have bought the simplest and amazing food trucks one may have at their mehendi – an inventory that you simply will take and blend and match to make your ideal truck.

Ice Cream Food Trucks
If yours would be a summer wedding, then an Ice cream Food Truck full of alcoholic ice lollies could be a supper-hit style, to please your guests.
You get a baby like feel by obtaining frozen dessert from a food truck and it beats the sweltry sun within the best means attainable.

Dosa Food Trucks
Instead of a live dosa station, select a food truck serving hot tasteful dosas, appams and other mouth-watering South Indian stuff.
Would be a fun addition particularly if you’re designing an intercultural North-South Wedding

Chaat Food Trucks
This one’s for those that cannot let the sun go down on a mehendi unaccompanied by some chaat and that too without requesting second servings (the ek aur dijiye bhaiya ones).
Sev Puri, Pav Bhaji, Dahi Puri…you name it, and it’s here to be served phata-phat.

Rolls & Wraps Food Trucks
Rolls are everyone’s favourite food – add paratha and delicious fillings, and you are all done! The guests will certainly certify you for choosing the foremost in style rolls and you just need to keep the food coming!
If you wish to offer it a Mexican twist then then some international Food Truck would be amazing

Indian Sweet Food Trucks
We recently featured this Rajasthan wedding where the mehendi truck came with a variety of in style Indian sweets. From Gulab Jamuns to Jilebis, from Peda to Gevar – there was everything there to soothe your appetency.
Imagine having to observe jilebi being created live and fresh at the truck? Yummers!

Pakora Food Trucks
Pakoras have a special place in our hearts which means that, everything from onion to potato to even karela pakoras to be served up hot with mint and imli chutney.

Masala Soda Trucks
Saw this real cute soda design at a Fort on a sunny afternoon. Essentially, masala soda guys have reinvented it and currently most of them make Thumsup Masala Soda, seven up Masala Soda etc.
A beverage of your liking masala-fied to your wish, and how cute is that? You must try the Fanta masala soda!!!

Kebabs Truck
Who loves kebabs? Us!!!! From Tandoori kebabs on sticks to grilled hotdogs to aloo achari in ice-cream cones – dish up your kebabs hot-hot and watch your guests go ahhhhhh with happiness!

Chai di Gaddi
Chai and Coffee – 2 things a mehendi cannot happen without. Many places have these very cute chai kadais and sikora cups that served up tea and coffee in style, with delicious additions like bun, biscuit and jhalmuri. Cater completely different flavours of tea and modernise it with herb or flower tea or perhaps cardamom tea.

Desi Hot dogs or Vada Pav Truck
We found this gem of an area in an exceedingly up market, where hot dogs were served up with Indian fillings like Coriander chutney, delicious sausages with tandoori spice etc… Very cool idea!

This and many such unique and interesting ideas can be found at your wedding if you are doing it at Cybercity Conventions, the team of experts here will help you manage all your wedding events with panache!

Picture Courtesy: Decor From Purple Tree Events

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Corporate team building, Irreplaceable Client entertaining Cookery Events are the new buzz in the town

Hey! Are you on the hunt to find something out of the box to bond your team or simply entertain your clientele? Are you looking forward to run your own engaging Corporate team building event? Or taking time out as a group to just catch up with one another?

Then, why not plan a fun cookery event for your friends, colleagues and other near and dear ones?

An entertaining, competitive cookery challenge, can be one of the best options, as cooking and eating together is one of the fantastic way to bring people closer. Are your team up to it? If yes, then:

All you need to do is just contact us, we can separate your group into teams to cook the different parts of the meal, to promote inter-departmental/Organizational communication and relationships. Our events are known to enhance commitment within individuals and cement relationships whether within teams or with clients. Each event is tailored per your requirement and can be as informal or as competitive as you would like it to be. We run all our corporate cookery events with the right level of competition to suit your requirement. I can assure you that there is nothing uptight or formal about cooking with us.”

~ Says Mr. Hari K of Cyber City Conventions, conducted a similar event for a giant recently.

In fact, if you prefer them to cook for you, along the competition then such an arrangement is also possible:

From the instant you step into our door and don an apron to when you leave after a delicious meal, we provide seamless deal. Our kitchen with its exclusive tableware provides a classy, modern day private dining environment – with the food to match! Our catering team is one of the best in the city.” Says Mr. Hari K

Corporate team building

I would recommend some rapid fire rounds like ‘Ready Steady Cook’ or ‘Blind Taste Test challenge’. As things get livelier in this ultra-active session you see. And then the winning team can be announced at dinner/lunch with prizes for the champions” says Ms. Ruchika, a celebrity chef, known for hosting such events.

Frankly the group is pushed outside their comfort zones and to deliver their menu in the time, they have to pull together. This allows great opportunities for improving communication and learning to work as a team under pressure. All in all a stimulating, satisfying event.” says Mr. Ashwin

Corporate team building

The range of your corporate team building event can be from informal sessions; to develop and enhance corporate team working skills, to more complex events where specific work issues are analyzed and worked upon. Because such team building exercises are a great learning experience, huge fun and offer a real sense of shared achievement.

For any advice or a tête-à-tête on a fun filled cookery event or any such corporate team building or other specific exercise you can reach out to a Corporate Team expert from Cyber City Conventions at

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